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  • pricing

Based on audio voice time // 0.024 USD per minute // ap-northeast-2

  • performance

Coverting MP4 to SRT from 12 minutes video takes 1 minute.

  • intput

Amazon S3 // MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC, AMR, OGG, and WebM.

  • output

Amazon S3 // SRT, Text, VTT

  • alternative

Naver CLOVA Note -

Google STT AI -

OpenAI Whisper -

  • note

If you are going to integrate with AWS services, you must use it. It is absolute in terms of network cost and architecture.

Real-time voice recognition is also possible, but is not considered as it is poor in performance and accuracy.

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  • comparison
Pricing (60s)Limit
Transcribe32 KRW2 GB
OpenAI Whisper8 KRW25 MB
Clova Voice60 KRW2 GB